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Medication Adherence

Failure of patients to take their medication on a timely basis is a widely recognized public health problem. For certain patients, failure to take their medication (e.g., anti-psychotics) can even have far ranging impacts on the public at large.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) has developed a medication adherence solution that uses team games to incentivize patients to take their medication on a timely basis. Leveraging both the encouragement of team mates and the responsibility patients feel to support the team increases the likelihood of adherence.

RMTM combines this team-game approach with smart packaging to detect when pill has been dispensed and prize awards to significantly increase the likelihood of timely adherence.

Our solution opens the door to sponsorships by drug manufacturers, pharmacies, and makers of non-prescription products. Sponsors offer prizes to winning teams, but also provide a revenue source to the solution provider.

Teams can be anonymous (to protect patient privacy) or organized by disease, location (e.g., nursing homes), veteran organization, etc.

By linking patient adherence to care givers, care givers, themselves, are incented to encourage adherence and their effectiveness can be measured in support of outcome-based care.

RMTM offers the medication compliance solution to drug manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy chains, and healthcare providers allowing them to achieve superior results versus competitors.