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Thought Leadership for a Complex World

Games have been used for entertainment for centuries. Since the formalization of game theory by luminaries including John Von Neuman, games have been used to prompt and promote desired behavior. Games have been used to plan war strategies, increase worker productivity, sell magazine subscriptions, as well as simple entertainment. The advent of computerized games has […]

One of the more popular groups of products in the new world of financial services is leveraged index products.  These products offer investors the unique opportunity to achieve leveraged returns on diversified portfolios of assets without running the risk of margin calls.  But, almost all current product offerings suffer from a pernicious problem:  their value […]

Fostered by developments in microelectronics, and artificial intelligence, the fields of sensors and robotics are exploding.  Sensors — some on a nano scale — are capable of detecting an increasing variety of phenomena and making sense of them.   And this sensing ability provides robotics the ever-increasing fine tuning necessary to conduct a broadening array of […]

Direct marketing consultant Dick Benson is attributed with saying that you should do only what you do best in-house, and outsource the rest.  There is certainly valuable insight in this remark, but it masks the complexities of outsourcing.  Whether outsourcing IT, manufacturing, a help desk, or payroll processing; whether outsourcing to a firm down the […]

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) routinely develops creative solutions to difficult problems.  We can develop out-of-the box solutions to your difficult problems, as well. Among the products we have developed are the following: We managed the design effort to develop a fully automated, portable robotic factory for demilitarizing every weapon in the US chemical […]

Does your enterprise measure up to the competition?  Many enterprises do not even know how they measure up.  And discovering that there is room for improvement, they don’t know what is required to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.   Often, they don’t really know the details of how things are being done today – the baseline […]

Security, Privacy and Identity are all under increasing attack as the world becomes a more connected place.  The internet has galvanized massive changes in the way people, enterprises, and information interact, unleashing an explosion of benefits to all parties.  But this explosion has a dark side.  It enables fraud and espionage on a scale undreamed […]

The US federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world.  The sheer size of its purchases tantalizes most any businessman.  But selling to the government is not the same as selling to other businesses.  To the uninitiated, this market is a vast wilderness of unique procurement regulations and arcane processes.  […]

Failure of patients to take their medication on a timely basis is a widely recognized public health problem. For certain patients, failure to take their medication (e.g., anti-psychotics) can even have far ranging impacts on the public at large. Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) has developed a medication adherence solution that uses team games […]