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Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. | Internet of Things (IoT)

Pioneering innovations with security and privacy by design.

The Internet of Things (IoT) captures the imagination with its potential to make out lives easier and extend our abilities to do things that we cannot achieve on our own, such as:

Exploiting this promise will also expose a wide array of new and existing security and privacy vulnerabilities that could stifle this explosive market.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides thought leadership in this nascent market to assist device makers in product targeting and selection, designing products — including the applications to support them, incorporating both security and Privacy by Design (PbD) into devices and their supporting applications, as well as assisting in the development of international standards for interfaces, protocols, security, and privacy.

RMTM IoT services include the following:


Product Development


IoT Standards Development and Support