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Fostered by developments in microelectronics, and artificial intelligence, the fields of sensors and robotics are exploding.  Sensors — some on a nano scale — are capable of detecting an increasing variety of phenomena and making sense of them.   And this sensing ability provides robotics the ever-increasing fine tuning necessary to conduct a broadening array of precision activities.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides specialized expertise in the specific areas of sensors and robotics.  From leading the design of a robotic factory for demilitarization of the wide range of products in the US chemical arsenal in the 1970s to design of vision systems for autonomous vehicles, RMTM has demonstrated expertise in this exploding technology sector.

RMTM sensors and robotics services include the following:


Vision systems


Automated factories

Surveillance systems

Object Identification

Force Protection

LIDAR systems

Wireless power options