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Bitcoin:  The first blockchain application.
Bitcoin: The first blockchain application.




  • Are you hearing a lot of buzz about blockchain and wondering what it is all about?


  • Do you need some help determining whether blockchain can provide a viable solution to a problem you need to solve?


  • Do you need help answering management on what you are doing about blockchain?


  • Do you understand the risks of not investigating blockchain now?


Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) has been a pioneer in applying blockchain to a variety of problems in a wide range of industries. 

Our expertise includes:  cryptocurrencies, supply-chains, reputation chains, and legal compliance via blockchain; permissioned, permissionless, and automated consensus; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and other platforms; and high-performance applications generating thousands of transactions per second.

Our services include:


Understanding Blockchain

We help clients understand blockchain. We conduct workshops and private consultations to provide answers to your questions, including the following:

• How does it work?
• What is it good for?
• How can it help my business?
• How can it help my customers?
• How does it threaten my business?


Blockchain Pilots

We work with you to establish blockchain pilots and proofs of concept to quickly determine blockchain’s viability to overcome current hurdles. We facilitate requirements elicitation, establish measurable evaluation criteria, provide architectural guidance, and provide development services, as required.


Blockchain Solutions

RMTM provides a full range of development services to implement global solutions. This includes architecture and high-level design (including security), detailed design, code development, code maintenance, vendor selection (e.g., Blockchain-as-a-Service providers), program management, and operations support.