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Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. | Business Process Management

Full-scope support for us Federal and other governmental contract and grant capture.

Does your enterprise measure up to the competition?  Many enterprises do not even know how they measure up.  And discovering that there is room for improvement, they don’t know what is required to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.   Often, they don’t really know the details of how things are being done today – the baseline state upon which any subsequent improvement is likely to be built.  And once they decide on changes, how do they get the buy-in to ensure their effective implementation?

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides end-to-end business process support.  We assist clients develop processes that are implementable and sustainable and include the ongoing monitoring and management to measure their effectiveness.

RMTM business process management services include the following:


Process Design


Process Optimization


Process Automation

Software Package Selection

Change Management

Business Process Monitoring/Management