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Most new entrepreneurs who chose to start a business don’t know what they don’t know.  They have a brilliant idea for a product or service which fills a need in the marketplace.  They often have technical skills, but don’t appreciate the importance of management.  They don’t know how to raise capital.   They don’t appreciate the value of a business plan,  and they don’t know how to build one.  And they don’t know how to protect the intellectual property at the heart of their innovative approach.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides startup businesses of all sizes with the targeted strategic discipline to raise financing and launch successful operations.  We have helped startups to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in first-round financing and developed business processes to effectively execute the business plan.

RMTM business startup support services include the following:


Business Plan Development


Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment


Intellectual Property Protection Strategy


Implementation of programmatic discipline