Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing

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Custom Solutions

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) routinely develops creative solutions to difficult problems.  We can develop out-of-the box solutions to your difficult problems, as well.

Among the products we have developed are the following:

  • We managed the design effort to develop a fully automated, portable robotic factory for demilitarizing every weapon in the US chemical arsenal without human intervention.  Weapons ranged from small arms ammunition to airplane spray tanks.  The facility destroyed both explosive and chemical materials in environmentally sound ways.  The modular facility could be moved by freight car to different arsenals around the country.
  • We developed a solution to reduce IT deskside support costs by 30%, applying a technology originally developed for hard-disk backup.
  • We designed a solution to enable medical researchers to tap a wide range of medical records databases.  Our solution transparently (1) addresses the unique schema of each database, (2) maintains privacy of the individuals whose data is included and (3) adheres to the terms and conditions (including access fees) imposed by each database owner, and (4) complies with regulatory constraints such as HIPAA.
  • We conceived of an approach to get depressed patients to be more forthcoming about what they were experiencing on a daily basis through gamification.
  • We designed a self-powered, emergency communications solution for disaster areas (both natural and man-made) that allowed collaboration of resources in the area, as well as uplinks to global resources.  The portable network could be air-dropped into areas without power or communications infrastructure.  It included “stealth” capabilities to prevent adversaries from locating it or from using/compromising the network.  It could also leverage local power and communications infrastructure, if available.

Let us design a solution for you.