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Government business capture

The US federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world.  The sheer size of its purchases tantalizes most any businessman.  But selling to the government is not the same as selling to other businesses.  To the uninitiated, this market is a vast wilderness of unique procurement regulations and arcane processes.  Crossing this wilderness alone may take years.  Finding the shortcuts through this wilderness demands a experienced guide with a map, a compass, and the knowledge of how to use them.  Even the largest federal contractors with decades of experience utilize outside guides to help them find the best path through.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides comprehensive business capture support with decades of experience focused on federal business capture.  Our lengthy experience includes both Defense and Civilian agencies, as well as state-government and commercial opportunities – many valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  We support both contract and grant opportunities.

RMTM business capture services include the following:


Capture Strategy


Proposal Management


 Proposal writing


Technical solution management


Security-cleared resources