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Are you hearing a lot of buzz about blockchain and wondering what it is all about? Do you need some help determining whether blockchain can provide a viable solution to a problem you need to solve? Do you need help answering management on what you are doing about blockchain? Do you understand the risks of […]

Fostered by developments in microelectronics, and artificial intelligence, the fields of sensors and robotics are exploding.  Sensors — some on a nano scale — are capable of detecting an increasing variety of phenomena and making sense of them.   And this sensing ability provides robotics the ever-increasing fine tuning necessary to conduct a broadening array of […]

Does your enterprise measure up to the competition?  Many enterprises do not even know how they measure up.  And discovering that there is room for improvement, they don’t know what is required to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.   Often, they don’t really know the details of how things are being done today – the baseline […]

Most new entrepreneurs who chose to start a business don’t know what they don’t know.  They have a brilliant idea for a product or service which fills a need in the marketplace.  They often have technical skills, but don’t appreciate the importance of management.  They don’t know how to raise capital.   They don’t appreciate the […]

Cultural differences often create an invisible barrier to effective execution. Whether the differences are international or merely inter-departmental, the clash of cultures can impair the ability of an enterprise to succeed. What’s worse, they often go unrecognized. An enterprise opening up a new office in another country discovers that its operations are not achieving expected […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) captures the imagination with its potential to make out lives easier and extend our abilities to do things that we cannot achieve on our own, such as: Home Management systems offer the ability to manage utility usage, security systems, irrigation systems remotely from a convenient control panel on a  computer […]

The US federal government is the largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. The sheer size of its purchases tantalizes most any businessman. But selling to the government is not the same as selling to other businesses. To the uninitiated, this market is a vast wilderness of unique procurement regulations and arcane processes. […]