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Direct marketing consultant Dick Benson is attributed with saying that you should do only what you do best in-house, and outsource the rest.  There is certainly valuable insight in this remark, but it masks the complexities of outsourcing.  Whether outsourcing IT, manufacturing, a help desk, or payroll processing; whether outsourcing to a firm down the street, across the globe, or in the “cloud;” finding the right partner and structuring an agreement that meets an enterprise’s objectives six months from now includes a wealth of issues.

Service providers know the issues; they do this all day long.  Service seekers are frequently unaware of what they don’t know and have yet to consider.  Too often they find themselves surprised and disappointed that something they took for granted is not included in the service they signed up for.  To be successful, it is helpful for them to have a guide who understands the lay of the land:  to help them ask the right questions — of themselves and of their prospective providers.

Rocky Mountain Technical Marketing, Inc. (RMTM) provides strategic sourcing support across a wide range of services including:

  • IT and Security Outsourcing
  • Cloud Sourcing (public, private, hybrid)
  • Customized Business Process Outsourcing.

RMTM strategic sourcing services include the following:


Procurement Strategy


Technical Requirements Elicitation


Terms and Conditions Specification


RFP Development

 Proposal Evaluation


 Vendor Negotiation